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My site is intended to receive many visits, so, it’s interesting for collectors who want to sell all or part of their collection, to entrust me with the sale of their articles.
I must necessarily be in possession of the articles to sell, in order to describe them properly, and be responsible for their shipping. I have to be informed how I can get them: means of transport, forwarding, etc
As a contractor, I’m only taxed on the sale. Working alone, my expences are limited, and I can have a benefit margin on the sale price, only 30 per cent of it,according to the kind of article.
I take charge of the expenditure, except for prices that not reach 150 euros.
It is very quick.
It will take about 15 days after the sale; it is a necessary time allowed to the buyer for him to withdraw, and the necessary time to initiate the payment.
As long as they are not paid or declared sold, the collector depositor can get back his things at any time; they remain HIS property. I take charge of the expenditure back.
There is not a real limit, but goods should be sold within 6 months.
If not sold, several reasons:
-either the price is not in line with the market, and has to be reduced
-or the description is not correct, and has to be reconsidered.
If yet it is not sold, it should not be let over 9 months.


Jean-Jacques BUIGNE