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Armes d'épaule

In spite of their relatively short history, the USA remains the most prolific country for the number of patents deposited in the field of armament. The conquest of the territory, the big variety of games, the civil war, the spirit of expansion and the needs in personal defense, allied to the initiative of manufacturers and to the progress due to the industrial revolution, are among the many reasons wich made that, the weapons appearing as an almost daily necessity, this country have created and produced more firearms than any other one in the world. 


Toutes ces armes d'un modèle antérieur à 1900 sont classées en catégorie D2, arme de collection. Toutefois, certaines d'entre elles sont classées dans la catégorie C leur achat nécessite des formalitées particulières.

C'est le cas de presque toutes les Winchester à levier.

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